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Becoming a Wahls Warrior

There really wasn’t a lot of time where I contemplated becoming a Wahls Warrior. During diagnosis time, I did not feel comforted or settled by medication in any way. I wasn’t experiencing such intense symptoms that I needed relief. So when my sweet sister sent me the Terry Wahls TEDx talk Minding Your Mitochondria, I was really all in. (That’s us pictured above on our adventure to Australia, right before I became pregnant with my first son and this whole, crazy journey began.) I loved that it was something I could try, something I could control, while I figured out what was happening to me. It can be followed with or without medication use, so I figured it was something that would benefit my body regardless of the other decisions I came to. I brought the newfound information to my neuro’s attention who was, to say the least, rudely unaccepting of the idea. But it just resonated with me. It felt too wrong to go against that feeling I had deep in my soul. I had birthed two beautiful boys by c-section. They were only 18 months apart. I had breast-fed them both for a year after birth and had lost all plus some of my baby weight. I was giving away all of my nutrients for 4 years straight! And I had this overwhelming feeling that I just wanted to get myself to the healthiest place I could possibly be before I started injecting myself with something.

So I jumped in. I read the book and started making drastic changes. Three years and a few months later and I am relapse free and feeling great. I have been able to remain drug free, and continue to live an active life. I followed her protocol strictly to start, and have since found ways to adjust it to my lifestyle. I have increased my activity levels, worked on bettering my sleep, and dug into some emotional wounds by writing on my own and reading from great authors. I have become a Wahls Health Coach and am now working on guiding others through the protocol. It has been the greatest blessing to find Terry Wahls (thank you forever, Hannah) and I am so grateful, every day, that she has been brave enough to share her story and hope. The Wahls research team continues to study and provide evidence about her protocol. There are phenomenal testimonies and claims that following her protocol has changed the lives of people dealing with everything from being overweight to Parkinson’s to PANDAS to Multiple Sclerosis and more.

Want to get started right away?  Start adding in fruits and vegetables, at least 2 at every meal. Start noticing your gluten and dairy intake, and start to try alternatives. Both can trigger an inappropriate immune response, esp in those with chronic disease. And don’t forget to move your body every day. You’ll learn more details as you go, but you have to start somewhere.

This is your life and you deserve health. Grab a copy of The Wahls Protocol and The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life, and get started.  And if you need support, let me know.

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