About Me

Where do you start on a page like this?

Born and raised in (mostly) Iowa. Ventured to Madison, Wisconsin after college where I taught elementary, met my handsome husband, and we started our family. After bringing two of the most beautiful children to the world, a life-altering diagnosis of MS, and several emotional moves we now find ourselves soaking up every minute in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. My life is focused on raising my children ~ with a sense of calm and wonder, with knowledge about healthy eating and living, and with an understanding of needing simplicity to find true contentment. Since I’m teaching them these things, that means I have to understand them, too. Hence, my journey.

I became a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach so that I can have a deeper understanding of food, nutrients and organic healing. I am now also certified as a Wahls Health Coach, helping empower those wanting to maintain and control their health with lifestyle changes. I take photos to remind myself and others of the simple moments in life that often get passed by, but actually have the power to fill our souls. I write to remind myself and encourage others to believe in ourselves, to get all of the nonsense out of the way and truly listen to what our own hearts are telling us. And I share this all here with you, so that I can be a tiny little voice of truth reminding you that your journey is your own.

Just because you’re walking your own path, doesn’t mean you’re walking alone.